Art FabianEver since signing up for a photography class in high school, I’ve had a vision of using my lens to capture the life and landscapes around me.  This has translated into work as a professional photographer, capturing weddings and events, contributing to corporate marketing materials, and presenting scenic images and panoramas through local exhibits and this website.

My camera goes along when my wife, Louise, and I travel, exploring well-known natural landmarks and often finding views off-the-beaten-path.  

Although I’m “retired” now, I’m willing to assist not-for-profit organizations that need visual communication tools to help their mission or clients.

I’ve always felt that a “good picture” tells a story and I strive to communicate a sense of the moment, location, and subject, while, at times, leaving room for viewers to create their own narrative.

“Enjoying The Journey” is my blog of occasional essays on progressive Christianity. 

Photographic travelogues and other narratives are located in “Visual Stories.”  

Art Fabian