Our Church Has Cracks!

Before reading this blog, I recommend you listen to Leonard Cohen sing his song, “Anthem.” It’s a beautiful way to enjoy six minutes of music. (You can stop at 6:17 minute mark.)

Recently, I attended a men’s writing retreat. One of the prompts to start our poem writing was Cohen’s line, “There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” Obviously, I’m not a poet, but it was the assignment, so I wrote:

Our church has cracks!
Every member is imbued with cracks.
Cracks are needs.
Needs aren’t bad,
they allow humanity
to shine through.
Needs strengthen the human character.
Cracks declare finiteness,
not flaws.
Cracks announce the being
In human being.

Cracks are strengths,
as our shortcomings.
They nudge us to serve,
not in spite of our cracks,
but serve, because we see
similar cracks in all humanity.

Through those cracks
we identify our Oneness with others.
the cracks in our humanity resonate
with cracks we don’t understand;
those mysteries of creation.

Without cracks in our character,
we wouldn’t be real,
have real needs.
The need to love.
And the need to be loved.
Needing to be needed.
Needing to gather in community,
with cracked people
needing to serve.
Needing to grow.
Needing to let the light of mysteries
into ourselves.

Our church community
is full of cracks.
Chinks in our defenses
which humble us,
while they create a path
to let God shine in;
and out,
through our love.

_____________________________  Art Fabian — January 10, 2020

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Art Fabian is on a spiritual journey to enjoy more aliveness and to share the goal of wholeness with others. He has no special training or degrees in this field. He’s not a religious scholar or theologian. However, he hopes you might also enjoy walking towards a richer life that benefits us, our neighbors, and all creation.