Travelogue: Pacific Northwest – 2012

Four glorious weeks in Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia traveling at a photographer’s pace.  I hope you enjoy the scenery as much as my wife and I did.

Wait a few moments for it to load, (it’s a large file) then click the upper-right-hand icon to enjoy it full screen.  Note: It will probably open in a new window or tab.

Even better:  If the PDF does not automatically open, scroll down and click on the word Download.  Actually, if your browser is like mine, this option will give you clearer pictures anyway.

Download (PDF, 5.7MB)

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  1. Barbara Brewster Olekas

    Hi Art, I was taking a photo shop class from Nancy Roach a year or so ago and she talked about Art Fabian. I went to grade school with an Art Fabian at Residence Park School, could there be more than one Art Fabian? She was talking about what a great photographer you are, so it was a great pleasure to look at your photos. I am an watercolor artist now so I can really appreciate a great photo. Enjoyed your photos very much.

    Barbara Brewster Olekas